I am a digital artist who harnesses the power of 2D and 3D platforms in my pursuit to create characters, creatures, and worlds. With over 10 years of experience with a wide range of software and hardware, I am able to comfortably adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape. In my free time, I experiment with different mediums and techniques to create my work.

Abhi Thati is a passionate digital artist over the years developed a keen interest in various art disciplines which finally led to his professional career as a Visual Effects Artist.

With interest in the metaphysical nature of the mind. Through meditation, spirituality, and transpersonal experiences, he has forged a unique approach as an artist. His main form of expression is through the digital medium. He finds inspiration in balancing the rigid structure of technology and the fleeting nature of the mind.

As a professional artist, Abhi provides his services as a Concept, Modeling, Texture, Look Development artist for characters, and creatures. While actively working on enhancing his skill-set to provide more nuanced art and design as he intends to create compositions to foster sensory experiences for masses to evoke a sense of hope and new possibilities.

He believes art has the power to change lives, perspectives and provide motivation to push the limits, and develop a new understanding of the reality around them. Starting from a very early age, Abhi developed a liking for drawing and painting. However he had a very distinct moment of realization after discovering Alex Grey’s artwork on the band Tool’s Lateralus album cover; he felt a strong association with visual expression and art, hence started to pave a path for his art career.

In art, he found solace, which made his 20s an exploratory phase in the realms of philosophy, metaphysics, and politics. The insights he gathered changed his outlook on the limits of consensus reality and the potential to push the envelope of consciousness and awareness.

Hence to further explore the possibilities of the art process, he went on to study BSc in Computer Animation 2010, which introduced him to the world of digital painting and the potentials of using 3D in compositions, which pushed him to pursue his career in the VFX industry.

After his move to LA, his time was mostly found in refining his artistry by working with various opportunities to get noticed for his arts, such as music festivals, Burning Man, and more. He successfully showcased his art at large-scale events, various well-known galleries such as The Hive Gallery downtown LA and legendary artists like Alex Grey and Android Jones and has also toured with other artists across the US.

With his experiences, he was drawn to the world of VFX even more and continued his passion for learning by enrolling at GNOMON School of Visual Effects for two years in 2015 while simultaneously taking time for his personal art growth.

Belonging to a multicultural background (Iranian, Indian and American) and having a diverse work and exploration experience has made Abhi’s art more refreshing, new, intricate, and surreal. And his zeal for learning and widening his horizon makes him a strong artist in the making, an artist with the potential to change the scope of digital art.

Concept Artist

Look Development

Digital Painter

3D Modeling


Production Artist


Art Galleries:

-COSM(Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors) – 2019
-Hive Gallery
-Moksha Art Collective
-Lucidity Festival 2012-2014
-Enchanted Forest 2012, 2013
-Burning Man 2011, 2012
-Sonic Bloom Festival-2015
-Gem and Jam-2014
-Gratifly Festival-2015

VJ Event History

-Resident VJ at Luminous Movement
-Resident VJ for Abundance Events
-Lucidity 2012-2014
-Enchanted Forest 2012, 2013
-Burning Man 2011, 2012
-Gem and Jam 2014
-Coachella 2014 – The Do Lab Stage

VJ Artist History

-The Crystal Method
-Itom Lab
-Imagika Om
-The Luminaries
-Shamans Dream
-Kalya Scintilla
-The Human Experience
-Desert Dwellers
-Russ Liquid
-Sugar Pill
-Chris B
-Damond Saints
-Bird of Prey
-JD Wolfrobe

-Purity Ring DJ set
-Electric Dandelion
-Kalix Sky
-David Starfire
-Birds of Paradise
-The Dub Kirtan All Stars
-Trevor Moontribe
-Love and Light
-Nico Luminous
-The LuvAmp Project